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Savvy Rest Mattress in Venice

The "Venice Beach" recreational center includes several facilities that are located in the pedestrian park and on the bicycle path, from the North to Horizon Avenue and from the south to the N. On Venice Avenue. The deployment has basketball courts (open, open), several children's playgrounds, exercise equipment, indian pilgrims (illuminated), riding tennis courts and volleyball courts (illuminated). The southern monument of this area is a gym of a famous mice beach. 2009 In March, the city of Martin opened a $ 2 million ski skate park on the sand. Although the walls of the graffiti are not technically part of the park, they are in the same neighborhood on the bike path. Oakwood Recreation Center is located at 767 California. The center, which operates as Los Angeles Police Department, includes a hall, an angled baseball diamond, lighted basketball courts, outdoor basketball courts, children's playground, outdoor room, illuminated American football field and indoor gym, without picnic tables and football field without weights. lighting.

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