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Savvy Rest Mattress in Santa Monica

As a result of the Santa Monica shooting, six people were killed in 2013 (including a criminal) and another 5 were injured. Gang operation in the Santa Monica Pico area (south of Santa Monica Highway), there is a grouping activity. The city finds that there are about 50 groups of Santa Monica, although some community organizers challenge this requirement. Gang activities are common in the Pico region for decades. 1998 In October he was killed by Culver City, 21-year-old Omar Sevilla, from Culver City. Several hours after Sawley's shot, German tourist Horst Fitz was killed. A few days later, 23-year-old Juan Martin Camus, who was serving in Santa Monica, was killed. The police believe that this was an assault on the death of Omar Seville. In less than fourteen hours Javier Cruz was wounded when he shot 17th and Michigan apartment.

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