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The impact of sleep on our health

Sleep is essential for us from a biological point of view. Without it, we just can't live - unfortunately or godly! Asleep, central nervous system depression and general slowdown and relaxation of the body occur. This is regenerated and gains strength.

Until the EEG invention, sleep was perceived as a uniform state. However, subsequent research has shown that we have a total of 5 sleep phases - asleep, light sleep, deep sleep, deepest sleep and REM phase. Although sleep research has been fundamentally advanced, it is still unexplored, for example, it is not yet clear why we have REM sleep with dreams.

We should know quality sleep primarily according to our physical and mental health. On the contrary, insomnia should sign on our physical and mental condition. From a physical point of view, chronic sleep problems accelerate the aging process and lead to cardiovascular diseases, memory disorders, diabetes or obesity. Sleep deprivation can be psychologically manifested by lack of concentration, irritability, sadness, anxiety and depression.

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