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savvy rest mattress in monrovia

Partner mattresses - two hardnesses in one product

This is the best and most comfortable solution for both partners. There are two hardnesses in one mattress mattress. One half of the mattress is designed for a heavier person, while the other half is for a lighter person, while it is an integral product in which nothing moves, nothing presses, nothing is deformed.

Termopur Comfort - thermo-elastic mattress with five hardness zones, made of HR Nightfly foam or / and ELIOCELL foam, special thermoelastic foam, and high elastic foam. One half of the mattress has a T3 hardness, while the other is T2.Natur Biogreen - made from an organic foam based on natural castor oil (oil-free). It is the ideal solution for lovers of natural products. Biogreen foam is enriched with aloe vera extracts that act anti-allergy and ensure hygiene in use. The Natur Biogreen affiliate mattress has 7 hardness zones. One half has a T2 hardness, the other T3.Viscogreen Lux - a natural, thermo-elastic Viscogreen foam coupled with a highly elastic Biogreen foam. The Viscogreen Lux partner mattress has one T3 hardness and one T2.Materasso offers several types of partner mattresses:

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