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Savvy Rest Mattress in Glendale

The new headquarters of the Armenian National Committee (Western Region) opened in 1994. 1999 About 25% of the population speaks Armenian and there are many Armenian enterprises. 2005 The population of Armenia was 40% of the total population. According to the US 2000 census, 65,343 American-Americans live in Glendale (34.1 per cent of the 1990 population) when the city had 31,402 American-Americans. As of 2005, a third of Los Angeles was rated 153,000 Armenians, or 51,000, or about a quarter of Glendale's 205,000 people were Armenians. At that time, the Glendale City Council made the majority of Armenians, and that year. As of 2005 Armenian enterprises include bakery, cafe and restaurant. As of March 2018, four of Glendale City Council members are Armenian: Mayor Vardan Karapetyan and Board members Zare Sinanyan (mayor, 2014-15), Ara Najarian (mayor 2007-08, 2010-11 and 2015) and Vra Aghajanyan : Former Armenian-American Mayors of Glendale include Larry Zaryan, Bob Jusefian and Rafi Manukyan.

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