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savvy rest mattress in east san gabriel

How to ensure a good temperature while sleeping?

Several factors affect thermal comfort:

what we do at bedtime, the temperature in the sleeping room, the bed (mattress and bedding).

The temperature in the bedroom

The optimum temperature is from 18 ° C to 20 ° C. If it is lower, it is difficult to fall asleep and the deep sleep phase shortens (because the organism wants to avoid cooling). At higher temperatures we fall asleep, but at night we start to sweat, REM becomes shorter and we tend to dig away, which does not benefit our joints.

Foam TermoSilver in mattresses

Can the mattress affect sleep comfort? If it is made of thermoactive foam, it can. This technology uses special microcapsules for the production of foam mats that absorb heat. When the mattress foam warms from body temperature, the capsules absorb the heat, allowing the body to maintain a stable body temperature and contributing to thermal comfort. This keeps the body temperature constant throughout the night. Such foam includes, for example, ThermoSilver mattresses (enriched with silver ions with antibacterial effect).

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