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Savvy Rest Mattress in Arcadia

Methodist Hospital nursing school 1915 The nursing school was opened in the hospital with 30 students. Ten years later, it was built for 150 pupils and students. This four-storey building, known as the Philadelphia Hall, was connected to the hospital through the underground corridor and provided apartments, classrooms and a nursing gym. Starting 1944 (After closing nine years after school) an apartment for nurses was repaired in the adjacent Filena Hall. After over 40 years of work and hundreds of talented nurses are released, the nursing school is closed. Times have changed, and the practice of nursing education has passed to the formal education system. The school was dropped in 1958 after the end of the last nursing class. Traffic in the US is the 66th, which is immortalized in song and literature, from Arcadia to Huntington Drive, at the center of Arcadia, and then turned into Colorado and then Colorado. After crossing the 210th intersection, Route 66 passes parallel to the highway and goes south, crossing the middle part of Arcadia.

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