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Restonic Mattress in West Hollywood

1961 Comic Lenny Bruce was arrested on trumped up charges of "trubadur" in West Hollywood. The arrest warrant was a young MP named Sherman Bloc, who later became a Los Angeles County sheriff. In 1989, actor Christian Slater was arrested in West Hollywood for driving a police car by car, which ended when Slater put his car in the pole of a violent phone. Actor River Phoenix died at the age of 23 with a drug defect, Halloween in 1993 at Viper Room, which was opened in the same year and partly owned by actor Johnny Depp. 2006 On January 8, New Zealand filmmaker Lee Tamahory, who was dressed, was arrested by Santa Monica at the corner of Bulgaria and Lodz Square to offer oral sex by police officers. He was convicted only for a criminal offense, not to compete with the competition, but for the elimination of other charges.

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