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Restonic Mattress in Tujunga

Since 2010, the media have been covering the problem of Big Tujung Wash homeless. As the 7th wave notes, "Over the years, Big Tudjung's washing has provided a beautiful backdrop for locals enjoying a rare natural river, perfect for hiking, running, or collecting butterflies. In addition, the New Angeles golf club is in the middle of the laundry. However, residents say Big Tudjung has problems with beer. Homeless shelters are a major problem for those who say they are sympathizing with the homeless, but say that they are thrown too much. In 2015 and later, large-scale cleaning, voluntary waste disposal and volunteer workshops were carried out in homeless shelters for laundries. One of them was reported. Cleaning and over a hundred squatters on a private plot of 300 hectares on the Hansen's northeast, organized and funded by Sunwood Community owners, a corner of about 35 houses, where residents come and go in the same way that crosses the laundry. Brian Schneider, a resident of the last three years, says the unwanted village growth has led to the collapse of public resources and the destruction of houses under the Oro-Vista avenue and the threat of violence.

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