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Restonic Mattress in Temple City

The Cathedral's City Education Department announces their district as a "excellent school district" since every school in the city of Tatil has been assigned an "outstanding school" by the state of California. This honor shows that the schools in the Temple City are at a higher level, such as academic, departmental and other academic classes. According to Newsweek, Temple City High School is one of America's best secondary schools in 2011. The rating ranks 209th. St. Luke's Parish School, K-8 classes are based on Luke's Gospel Church, Broadway, and Cloverly. It is obliged to provide Catholic education in the field of water tourism, it was established in 1947. Modern equipments, which were in the military barracks, were donated during the arrival of North Hollywood, where a new school was located. In 1956, a permanent school was opened, and in 1958, 16 classes were built.

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