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Restonic Mattress in Sylmar

1971 Urban programmers have submitted a land use document that will keep Silmar's image as "homes, horses and gardens" and in the 1990s, 53,500 people predict 90,000 population. The population has actually reached 53 392 people in 1986. 1980 on building a housing project for 80 people at the 13080-90 school near the secondary school in the 80's Silmar. The proposal was denied by the Los Angeles City Housing Commission after collecting eight thousand signatures, and demonstrators were listening to hearings at schools in the assembly hall. In 1984, Silmar was largely rural, but in the southeastern part of the country he was a industrial developmentist. In 1986, when 53,392 people were given their population, there were still the last major land plots that had not been completed, and Futway Futway's discovery was 45 minutes from the center of Los Angeles. Despite the rising population and the increase in the number of flats and flats, it remains one of the poorest settlements in the city. From 1980 to 1990, it was the fastest growing area in the San Fernando Valley. Over the past ten years its population has grown by 30.7%, while the cave has grown by only 12.2%.

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