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Different chronotypes

Until recently, it was thought that people could be divided into two chronotypes - early (sarcastic) and evening (owl). Lizards are the most effective wounds in the most effective time, but in the afternoon they are tired and experience a drop in energy. But the owls suffer when they have to get up before 8 am (they would prefer to sleep till 11 am) while they can sit and work late in the evening. These two chronotypes represent the most popular distribution, but they do not capture all the possibilities and variations. The psychologist Michael Breus, called the sleep doctor, believes there are four major chronotypes that more or less correspond to the behavior of the dolphin, the bear, the wolf, and the lion in nature.

The lion wakes up first (wakes up at 5.30) and can work effectively until about 5pm. In the evening, however, he is so tired that at 22:00 he falls asleep in front of the TV.

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