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Restonic Mattress in Burbank

2008 As of June, the urban population in Burbank amounted to 1,683. In total, 1 253 people work full time, 217 temporary and 213 temporary staff. The Borrower Employees Association represents the city's employees. The organization begins in 1939 and its main role was the status of state service for urban workers. BCEA, representing more than 750 urban workers, is one of the 6 units in the government of the city of Bourbon. Berberbank Fire Brigade Association, Berberbank Police Association, Local 18 Electric Brothers, Burbank Fire Brigade and Berbank Management Association. Early production In 1887, Burbank's furniture company was in the first city. After the fall of the land boom in 1888, the building was abandoned and temporary people were sleeping in an empty factory. 1917 The arrival of Moreland Motor Truck changed the city, resulting in urban and industrial personnel. Over the years, Moreland trucks have seen the words "Made in Burbank". Watt Morland, his owner, moved to a factory in Burbank, Los Angeles. He chose 25 hectares (100,000 m 2) on San Fernando Avenue. and Alameeda Avenue. Moreland has invested $ 1 million in factory and equipment and hired 500 people. It was the largest manufacturer of western trucks in Mississippi.

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