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restonic mattress in altadena

Can a bad mattress contribute to a negative hotel rating?

When we watched the frequent reviews of hotel beds and mattresses, we found that there were quite frequent comments. Unfortunately, guests often forget the positive aspects of the hotel, or describe them only gently and in general, while each shortcoming leading to a worse assessment will remember very precisely and describe it in detail. Check out some internet ratings for beds and mattresses posted by hotel guests:

During a few hours drive to the hotel ... I dreamed of a comfortable bed. At the hotel we expect a more comfortable bed than at home. Unfortunately, a creaking bed was waiting for us, whose springs could be literally smacked. The staff were very nice, the breakfast was good, so if they invested in beds and pillows, it would be a pretty decent hotel. Staff were nice, helpful and competent. The only negative was a bed that had been bedridden, which was very poor.

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