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Queen Mattress in Wilshire Vista

Park Mille is a commercial seafront located between Wilshire Boulevard, West Highland Avenue, Wilton Place East, Sixth Street to the north, and South Etherord Street. Some of the area offices were designed with a harmonious nearby Hancock park area, rather than long, horizontal, warm look bricks and other tissues, rather than vertical high-tech design. The construction was led in 1979. City of Park Mille Mile It was designed to protect the nature of one of the family residential areas and contribute to the development of "Pile Mill" - "image and continuity". The three-storey high altitude is set at Park Mile, and color signs outside the building are also prohibited. 1990 The Park Mille-Wilshire Project Evaluation Board, consisting of five or seven volunteers appointed by city council members, was one of four urban councils in the city who supervised architecture planning. In the square of Sikamor

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