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Queen Mattress in Wilshire Center

The recent construction boom has increased supply of premises and condominiums, and the old office buildings have turned into apartments and lockers. Residential buildings were built at Wilshire / West and Wilshire / Vermont subway stations. Glorious Swanson's trading partner, Herbert Semer, opened up a cape-shaped building in 1926, in Wilshire and Alexandria. The cap is now at the top of the restaurant at the mini-center. In Wilshire, Wilshire, and Wilshire, in 1929, an elegant volleyball watermelon was built and became the first suburb of the city. It was closed in 1993 and currently operates the South-Western Law School Library. Part of the sheep farm of Germain Peloussi became the building of Phelps and the Wiltern Theater, which in 1929 built the Wilshire and the western corner. The Warner Brothers Theater was opened in 1931.

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