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Queen Mattress in West Los Angeles

According to Mapping LA, the population of the quarter is 1.05 square meters. According to the 2000 United States Census, According to estimates by Los Angeles City Planning Department, 13,582 are 12,659. On average, in average, 12,061 people in Los Angeles. It had a particularly high percentage of the white population compared to the 76.7% of the region, and the region is not particularly specific to the area. Other ethnic groups were the Asians, 11.4%; Spain - 5.3%; black, 2.3% and so on 4.1%. Average household income in Eastern Mapping 2008 The dollar was $ 86,403, which was considered high for the city and region. The percentage of households with a US $ 125,000 or higher income was higher for the region. The average age of the residents was 38 years, compared to other cities and towns. The average family size was 1.9, which is low for both the city and the region. 51% of the residents leased residential areas, 49% owned them. The percentage of male and female men was one of the highest in the region. Iranians and Russians were the most popular ancestors.

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