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Queen Mattress in West Hills

2000 The Los Angeles Times reports that in 2000, In the United States, the population census is 30.814 and is 8.53 square meters away. The miles (22.1 km2) or one square mile of 4551 are the lowest densely populated cities. In 2008, the city calculated that the population had grown by 41,426. 2000 The average age of the population was 39 years, and it was considered old in the city and region; The percentage of people over the age of 35 was one of the highest in the region. Neighborhood was considered "moderate diversity" ethically in Los Angeles, with a large percentage of white residents. The bow was white, 70.9%; Latin - 11%; Asians - 11.3%; black 2.5%; and others - 4.3%. The lowest birth rate in Los Angeles is in Iran (13.8%) and Philippines (8.4%), the most common birth rate for 22.7% of people born abroad.

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