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Queen Mattress in Valley Village

According to the US 2000 census, there were 24,190 people living in 2.09 square miles, which is about 11,600 for a quarter of a mile, which is the average in Los Angeles. In 2008, the population is estimated at 25665 people. Taking into account the high percentage of white population in the Los Angeles region, Valley Village is still too diverse in its ethnic composition, with a value of 0.512. "Diversity Indicators measure the likelihood that randomly selected two inhabitants belong to different ethnic groups. If all residents belong to the same ethnic group, then it is zero. If half belonged to one group and the other to another, it was 50. White was 66.7% of the population, Latin Americans - 18.9%, black - 5.5%, Asians - 4.4%. The average age was 36 years old, compared to a citizen. There is a significant Jewish community.

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