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Queen Mattress in Universal City

Meanwhile, Lamli has added the Zoo to Oak Cross Ranch (Moving Picture World ad 1913), which opened for visitors to create free speech advertising. Rotarians from Los Angeles have been one of the groups that allowed the police to visit a common city. (Rotary - February 1914) Oak Crest Ranch is too small (Scrap) for the larger Universal City, Lemmle has bought the land of Lankersham and water for 230 ha (0.93 sq. Km) for Taylor Ranch $ 165,000 calling her a "New Universal City". In 1914, the actions of the Oak Ranch (Providencia Ranch) moved to Taylor Ranch (Lankershim). The Oak Crest was taken to the backyard of the Lanchakshim Lent. New Universal City was opened in 1914 for Universal workers. Lemm was an eight-day eight-day shock from Chicago to Los Angeles Universal City a week ago. His promoters even sold a great (and technically impossible) lie that Lem persuades the Minister of Navigation to open a combat launch on the Los Angeles River on the opening day. They hoped the eastern people would believe everything California had heard.

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