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Queen Mattress in Toluca Lake

The average age of the residents was 37 years old, which was "old for the city of Los Angeles and the old quarter". Only 9.7% of the residents are managed by single parents, which is a low indicator for the city and region. The inhabitants of Tannu lived in the valley of San Fernando in the early years and spent 8,000 years in Los Angeles. Tongwan Kahuanga used the source and pools around Lake Toluca, fishing, hunting, harvesting and building materials (plant plants). After the Spanish occupation of 1790's in Las Calabria, the San Fernando valley, including Tolyon Lake, became the extended property of the San Fernando Rey Apache Missionary. 1823 After the independence of Mexico, the secession of Alta-California missions included the provision of a Mexican land grant for the former mission of Rancho San Fernando. The extreme eastern end of the lake was in 1830. Providence Rhine Grant for Vincenzo de la Osaka. In 1862, Pio Pico sold his former branch, on the floor of the Sanctuary of San Fernando, in the southern half of Roscoe Boulevard, in 1869. Isaac Lankershim (current "San Fernando Farmers Association"). In 1873, Isaac's son, Lancershim, James Bung Lenders, and his future husband, Isaac Newton Van Nuys, took over property management, including the Tolyak lake. In the 1880s, Los Angeles Farm Pharmaceutical replaced San Fernando Moroni.

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