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Queen Mattress in Temple City

55-year-old Wong, who was elected the first member of the Asian Council of Asia, was elected in 2003, re-elected in 2007, and became the first mayor of Asia in 2007. Kapra was found guilty of a wrong calculation, without his election campaign, and agreed to resign as a condition of imprisonment. Wong resigned 9 months after being brought to justice. In March. Wilson, now [when? ], 78th, 2009 Spring was deprived of power. 2010 In May, Wong accepted an oral deal for 10 points for bribery and fraud. Vong made a 16-month verdict at Chowchill not recognizing the accusations of bribery, bribery, and fraud charges, and he was required to pay a compensation of $ 16,700 for compensation for Randy Wang. He has to pay about $ 16,300 in fines and fees. The judge rejected lawyer Vong, the appointment of a conditional release for a former politician.

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