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Queen Mattress in Sylmar

In 1981, one source reported that in 1902, Roxford and San Fernando built a "Fusano family", which built a hat for the olive tree, and the first packaging plant was built in 1909. The trees began in 1912. The park was planted by Apostolic olives, Nevadillo Blanco and Manzanil. Some varieties of Sevilano and Ascolano were planted on very large fruits. In the early 1900s, at the beginning of the harvest season, 300 Japanese men hired a tent. 1927, 1910 Built-in packaging plant occupied five hundred people in the highest season, from November to January. The vessel was squeezed from the fruit, allowed to leave the fruit water content and then dragged into concrete containers with 12,000 gallon lamps decorated with glass and placed on the deep ground to avoid the temperature change. Over time, the plant has expanded its activities by bringing figs, pimentos and watermelons to San Huugu Valley valley recycling.

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