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Queen Mattress in Sunland

In 1908, Sansland was unable to reach the height of 1,500 feet (460 meters) by "unexpected mountain roads." Driving from Los Angeles was a "long day". In 1910, Los Angeles Times correspondent wrote about Sansland. "The place is well-known ... nobody thinks about beauty until it reaches the city. The vast oak tree that distorts the unwieldy costs of nature gives a great silence ... The oaks in the center of the city are so thick that the sun is messy, and this site has turned into a public park, which is the fourth of July and the whole country's warm weather from Glendale to San Fernando. In 1923 there were about two thousand people in San Francisco, and the Chamber of Commerce was operating. The slopes of the mountain, called Monte Vista Valley, were the vineyards of the table, and the only industry in the city is the cannabis specializing in the packaging of olives from local trees. Monte Whiskey Park, located in the city center, was involved in the orphanage sponsored by the picnic and women's clubs and other organizations. This charity organization was the successor of Monte Vista Lodge, who was a social worker, Bel N. Holly organized for "malicious children" and opened in 1921. Public Works Council. The former hotel had 45 hectares of land, 2.5 hectares (10,000 m 2) land. just a block from Sunland Park.

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