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Queen Mattress in Studio City

The Los Angeles River and the Tudjung Wash pond are in the studio city. Two concrete canals are connected to the west of Kolfax Avenue and to the north of Ventura Beach, next to CBS Studio. The waterways are mainly dry, with the exception of storms. Nearly half of the standard cities' residents, aged 25 and over (49.4%), have a four-year degree in 2000, which is great for both cities, and the city's approaches to nearby cities, not directly in nearby areas, movies and television Musical literature district. The percentage of those with higher education was also high. Schools Schools located within the limits of the Studio City. Studio City Public Library (known as Beeman Park) is located in the residential area of Paradise on Avenue of Benny. Hall, barbecue pit, illuminated baseball diamond, open jogging and walking paths, outdoor basketball courts, children's playgrounds, fun tables, theater theaters, and many programs and lessons, including the second biggest youth baseball program. in public gardens.

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