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Queen Mattress in Sierra Madre

A year after the city was founded, Roman Catholic families applied to the priest of Chicago, Father M. Barth, who was taken to the west because of his health, asked if he could tell their mass. The construction of the first, very small church of Saint Rita church, founded in Bern in 1908, ended in 1910. 1922 The parish school of the Catholic Church of St. Rita opened. During the first 100 years of Saint Rita's arrival, 4,075 baptismals, 3,590 confirmations, 1,334 marriages and 1,469 cemeteries were registered. In 1908, the circle of families with Barth grew in more than 1,200 Catholic church houses, now living around 10,580. In 1914, after a long legal battle, the city acquired all water rights, land and Baldwin's property distribution system and the Sierra Madre Water Company. 1920s and 1930s

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