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Queen Mattress in Sawtelle

Sawtelle existed as a separate city until 1922. According to Los Angeles Times, the following events take place: 1918 Sawtelle voters decided to unite their city in Los Angeles with three thresholds. The vote was 519-516. Nevertheless, the Board of Trustees, which is equivalent to the city council, refused to make a decision and "ordered to judge". The city of Los Angeles, however, did not wait for the court decision, but instead "picked up the police squad and hit the Poghos City Hall as one of those times. City authorities in Sawtelle were shut down in urban halls, and the city of Los Angeles took all community and school activities. At the same time, the overthrown Toutella trustees continued their work in the courts, and in 1921, On September 15, the California Supreme Court ruled that the union was indeed illegal because the voters "did not say in their ballot that they would have to pay for the bonds of the Los Angeles debt." Thirty-three days later, Los Angeles came out of Sutella , how much it entered. Nine police officers collected documents and left, removing the fire from eight guns and went to another location. " Savtel returned to the service, another choice was held in 1922, and the voters of the Savel once again decided to join Los Angeles. This time the merger was permanent, and the city district or Savtel district was created. Savelle was the fourth city in the world, after the collapse of the Angler, from Willemint and San Pedro in 1909 and in 1910. Hollywood

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