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Queen Mattress in San Marino

According to the US Census Bureau, the city has only 3.8 square meters. Miles (9.8 km2), almost all the land. San Marino is strictly limited to the city's commercial activities. This is one of the few cities where commercial vehicles are allowed to work in the city. The reason is that commercial vehicle operators and service providers, such as gardeners, pool service providers and service workers, are more likely to have social interruptions in the city and, therefore, must be pre-empted for criminal trafficking and criminal prosecution. . These and other rules, including barriers to multi-apartment buildings, tanks and over-the-air, are the most obvious examples. 2010 USA 2010 According to the census, the population of San Marino was 13,147. The density of the population per square mile (1345.0 / km²) was 3483.4 persons. San Marino's racecourse is 5434 (41.3%) white (37.1% non-white), 55 (0.4%) African American, 5 (0.0%) native American, 7039 (53.5%) Asian, 2 (0.0%) Pacific Island, 198 (1.5%) from other tribes and 414 (3.1%) from two or more tribes. 855 people (6.5%) of any referee were Latino or Latino.

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