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Queen Mattress in San Fernando

Politics The San Fernando Valley mainly supports Democrats in state and national elections. This is particularly true in the southern areas, including Sherman Oaks and the city of Berbanks. The former state of California's state-of-the-art Tonga State Authority, later known as the Gabrielone colonial proponent, as well as Tataviam in the north and Chumas in the west, lived and flourished the valley and its herds for more than 8,000 years. They have many settlements, hunting and hunting camps, until 1769, Spain came to the valley. The first Spanish Land Grant in the San Fernando Valley (or El Valle de Santa Catalan de Bononia de Loz Enzinos) was called Rancho Ingenio (north of Camino Viejo, north of New Hampshire Pass) in the San Fernando Valley. Huang Francisco Reyes built a dwelling house located near the village of Tongwe, or crowded by natural sources, but soon removed from the ground so that he could build a mission. The mission of San Fernando Ray de Spain was established in 1797 as the 17th in 21 missions. For land trade, Huan Francisco Reyes gave the Rancho Los Encinos the same name as in the sources (Los Angeles State Historic Park in contemporary Andrew). Subsequently, the Mexican lands are provided by Rancho El Escorpion (Western Hills), Providencia Rancho and Rancho Kawanga (Burbank), as well as Rancho San Fernando (the rest of the valley), covering the San Fernando valley.

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