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There were 645 families, of which 33.8% had children born at 18, 80.6% were married, 3.4% were husbands without spouses, and 14.1% did not have a family. 12.4% of all households were composed of people and 8.1% lived alone or 65 years old. The average family size is 2.90 and the families are 3.11. The population in the city was 25.9% 18 years old, from 18% to 24%, 4.1%, 25-44 years old, 15.1%, 45-64 years old 32.8% 65% and above 22.1% the The average age was 48 years old. There were 96.1 men for every 100 women. There were 92.5 men per 100 women aged 18 and older. The average monthly income of the city exceeded $ 200,000 as well as the average family income. Among men, the average income for men is over $ 100,000 - $ 52,500. In the city, per capita income was $ 111,031. None of the families and 1.3% of the population were below the poverty line. None of those living below the poverty line were living in the 18th and 65th years.

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