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Queen Mattress in Redondo Beach

Measure DD resulted in the "Event C" adoption. It received 12,422 votes against 11,422 votes, but the discussion continued. In November 2013 it was proposed to take measures to create a "better redondo", with 60% of the AES's property falling into the park area and the rest of the trade. AES has spent more than $ 650,000 on campaigns promising everything from winning power to major litigation. Measure A. The size did not get 6.553 votes and 6295 votes. Apparently supported by Measure A AES, which is a powerhouse operator and owner, offered Meru B a comprehensive development of housing and commercial components and invested more than $ 1 million during the campaign. Excessive B has 6,684 "no" votes and 6,072 "yes" votes. In 2017, another group of activists, "Saving Our Flood," made several segments of "Building a Better Redondo," offered a way to C. transported the necessary boat to pray B, which could affect the hanging chronic hurricanes and was deemed to be dangerous by the Patrol crew of the Port. Measure C or the King's Care Law toughens the measure to the Z zone accord. It is intended for long-term leisure and future development to stimulate and prevent the effects of the proposed Waterfront project. It has won 9,229 votes in favor of 6,925 votes and brought to the Mayor's Brand and Board members Todd Lowenstein and Nils Nehrenhmain.

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