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Queen Mattress in Playa Del Rey

Today, the bridge between Playa del Rey and the bridge between Ballona Creek and Marina is accessible for tourists, but not for cars. Bikers, skaters, and runners probably have the best chance to walk along the bridge across the south of Sari's Monica and south of Bay Bay. UCLA and LGA have teams that prepare for Ballona Creek and Marina del Rey. 2009 Mapping LA provided Los Angeles Times statistics for Playa del Rey. Population: 9,755 people; The average family income is 91,339 USD. According to Mapping LA, the demographic composition of this area was white, 7.7% Asian, 7.9% black, 7.9% black, 10.0% Latin American (10.0%) and 5%, and 8% of other populations. Plas de del Rey is most commonly used for residential purposes. Known for its great beaches. Only in Manchester Boulevard, Pershing Drive and Culver Boulevard, there are businesses, mostly restaurants and pharmacies, and the offices are mixed with residential buildings. The average family income is 126 005, which is a high indicator for the state.

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