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Queen Mattress in Panorama City

Representation The population of Panorama City, 25 years of age and older, in 2000, received a four-year degree in the city and the average percentage of the region. The percentage of residents of the same age school was high for the region with a high school diploma. Schools Panorama City State privately owned Kaiser Permanente has a complex of hospitals and medical centers at Woodman Avenue. and Roscoe Blvd, serving in central and eastern San Fernando Valley. The complex includes three city blocks, since the medical complex was first opened in 1963. Community Apostolic Hospital is a private, commercial hospital owned by Deanco Healthcare at Roscoe Boulevard. service area The Apostolic Public Hospital includes major adult emergency departments, surgical services, inpatient psychiatric hospitals and inpatient treatment. Coordinates: 34 ° 13'29 "N 118 ° 26'56" e / 34.22472 °. 118.44889 DEG / 34.22472; -118,44889

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