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Queen Mattress in Palms

The Subscribers gave the United Church two lots and began cash in the amount of $ 200. 1887 The construction of the temple was completed, and in 1889, Built in parish. In 1908 the old chapel was moved to the back of the site and built a new sanctuary. 1916 The old pasta's house was sold and the new one was built. Later, Sunday school dad was added to the neighborhood. Although its exact location has been lost, modern sources point to the existence of Villa Palm, Palm Villa or Villa, at least not later than 1890 to 1904. Maybe he was standing on the Tabrari street, known as the Villa Avenue. The immorality of a residential complex on the outskirts of the city of Los Angeles puts pressure on the annexation of the city. Particularly, it was mentioned first of all that the construction of a new Boiler system LA, which could serve this area, and, second, the city's engineering plans for the La Cienega flood control project. The propagation was initiated by the inhabitants of Palma, but the coverage spread to the western borders of Suttel, so that the municipality might be able to join later on.

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