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Queen Mattress in Pacoima

1873 Santa Claus Senator Charles McLean acquired 56,000 acres in the northern part of the San Fernando Valley, near the Province of San Fernando, and in 1887, Jut Allen purchased 1000 hectares of land between Pacoima and Tugi Soap. acquired by Maclay Rancho Water, which captured the property of Senator Charles McLean. Allen maintained 500 hectares of land and distributed the rest to one acres. That was the birthplace of the city of Pacoima. The original boundaries of the division were the Pakistonian street in the north, the Herrin Avenue in the east, the Piers Street and the western San Fernando road. The city was built at a new South-East railway station. Soon after the railway line was created, the South Pacific Railway chose a large brick passenger station that was considered one of the best. Shortly thereafter, large and expensive two-storey houses appeared, as the first planners set the construction restrictions against something of a lower nature. For many years, it was the only one in the San Fernando Valley and should remain the first concrete pavements and suburbs.

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