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Queen Mattress in Pacific Palisades

Pacific Palisades is located in the 50th District of California State Assembly. From 2019, Richard Boom represents the neighborhood. Pacific Palisades is located in the 23rd district of California's Senate, and by 2019, Ben Allen represents the district. The community is a part of the State Department's Equalization period, which is represented by Mike Sheff, starting in 2019. Pacific Palisades is in the 33rd District of California and is now represented by Ted Lew. The United States Postal Service operates at Pacific Palisades post office at 15243 La Cruz Drive. This area serves as the 23rd and 69th station in the Los Angeles Fire Department. The 23rd station is located near the Sun Lots, at the bottom of Los Lions, and Station 69 is located at Sunset Boulevard and Cary Street.

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