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Queen Mattress in Northridge

In 1951, the local reporter reported that Northridge's population reached 5,500 residents, more than 1,000 in 1950. Additionally, at the same time, the Rezana Beach was all over the width and became the main business street of the wealthy riches. The population of North Korea should be deployed for the new population, so in 1954, the first high school was opened in a rapidly growing city. Northridge High School, later known as Northridge High School, opened up to 1,000 students, who were brought from the Fulton High School to Van Nuys. About 25% of the northern inhabitants and more than 35% of them earned a four-year degree in average for the city in 2000, but high. The percentage of population at the same age was either higher or higher for the Bachelor's and Master's degrees. Primary and Secondary Schools

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