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Queen Mattress in Monrovia

In 1903, Monrovia News was created. In the same year, "Pacific Electric" was opened, providing transportation to Los Angeles, and allowing the Monrovia landlords to work in Los Angeles. In 1905, Carnegie Funds became accessible and bonds were issued with the help of the Trade Council (formerly the previous Commerce Chamber precedent) and the Monroe Women's Club to acquire a Granit Bank building to be used as a municipality to acquire real estate for a public park. Granite building serves as a hall for the city hall, fire department and police department, in 1961. And the fire department in 1974. In 1956, the old building of the Carnegie Library was demolished and a new library was built. 2007 In March, inhabitants of Monrovia voted for a new library. He won 70 percent of the vote. Currently, the library has 190,000 books, rooms for historical documents, as well as places for children, adolescents and adults.

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