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Queen Mattress in MidCity

The Crenshaw Light Rail Line will enable Middle City residents to easily reach east / west rail lines. The Purple Line along the Wilshire Boulevard, Expo Line from the Los Angeles Center to Santa Monica and the green line from Norwalk to Redondo Beach and soon near LAX. Currently, the central part of the city is not financed and is part of the Crenshaw Corridor's North Feasibility Study. DASH Midtown serves the Mid-City area. 2000 Four-year-old middle-aged urban residents calculated that 16.8% of the population was average and urban. Elementary or Secondary School Schools - The Los Angeles Unified School School (LAUSD) operates in secondary schools in 1977. Since its inception, the "Community Magnet School," an art and humanitarian elementary school in the center of the city, has been around 25 years old. He was in the Los Angeles Research Center. 2002 In October the Community Magnet was moved to a new Bel Air.

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