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Queen Mattress in Los Feliz

The land areas of Roncos Los Feliz, covering 6,647 acres (27 km2), were first transferred to California by Corps Jose Vicente Fallis. The old mansion built by her descendants in the 1830s still stands in Crystal Springs Drive in Griffith Park. Other rural areas have been developed and become communities in Los Felis and Silver Lake. Griffith Rancho Los Feliz's heritage was the heritage of owners after the family of Feliz. One Owner, Gifthard J. Griffe donated half a half cattle breeders in Los Angeles. This farm has become one of the largest city parks in the country. In 1882, Colonel Griffith Rancho Los Felice acquired 4,071 acres (16 sq km). Lick Manor still belongs to the southwestern part of the ranch and the Lick Tract, which later became part of Hollywood, developed there. Griffith has never served in any part of the US Armed Forces, but he has been awarded the Colonel's honorary title by influential friends of the California National Guard. His name remained constant to adapt to his name. In 1900 there were only 23 objects in Los Felis.

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