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Queen Mattress in Lakeview Terrace

Los Angeles Delphi Academy, Delphi Academy School is located on a lush terrace overlooking the lake. The school was originally at La Cañada Flintridge. The current "Lake Terry Trust" school was opened in 2003. Public Libraries The Los Angeles Public Library operates a Sevan Lake View Library. Discovery Cube 2014 On November 13, Discovery Cube Los Angeles opened its doors at the Hansen-Dam Leisure Center. 71,000 square foot children's scientific center is the first largest museum in the San Fernando Valley. Alison Pitar of the Los Angeles Times reported that Lake View Terrace is an outdoor recreation center. The community has horse trails, two golf courses, mountains, lakes, three parks and two recreation centers. Lake View Terrace Recreation Center, Lake View Terrace includes barbecue pits, bright outdoor basketball courts, children's playground, common room, indoor gym, picnic tables and lighted tennis courts. A number of hospitals in the Hansen suburb of Hansen, including the Hansen Camp Campus, the Hansen gardens, and the Hansen Water Center / pools on the shores of the lake are located on the lush terrace of the lake. The Los Angeles Police Ceasefire, which is also the resort of Hansen, includes barbecue pits, an unmatched baseball diamond, a children's playground, picnic tables and a football field without light. Hansen-Dam Water Center (16 hectares) is located on the north-western side of the Hansen reservoir. It has 40 hectares of land (3 hectares), which is used for fishing and foot-hats boats and boats. The center also includes 1.5 acres of lake (0.61 hectares), 50 public toilets, 25 bathrooms, 20 dressed rooms and some fun areas. Park users can also jog, picnic and boat. During the summer, the Water Center visited up to 2,000 visitors each week. Coordinates: 34 ° 16'35 "118 ° 21'37" e / 34.27639 °. 118.36028 DEG / 34.27639; -118,36028

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