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Queen Mattress in Inglewood

1969 On February 3, Harold P. Moret became the first black police officer in Naples (originally from Louisiana's Creole birth). A year later, Jimmy Lee Warsham became the second. He was followed by Barbara Harris, the first black officer, then Otis Hendrix, Melvin Lovelace and Evgeny Lindsey. The seventh black official in the history of the Inglewood town, James T. Boots Water. He became Inglwood's first black box officer, first black lieutenant, captain and the only black vice president of the division's history. Butts leaves Inglewood in 1991 In September, at age 38, becoming the first color man, ordered the Santa Monica Police Department as the chief of police and the youngest. Twenty years later, in 2011, On February 1, Boutt returned to England to elect his fourth black mayor.

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