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Queen Mattress in Harvard Heights

The architecture of the area also makes this area a favorite place for movies and television. According to the Los Angeles Times Mapping LA, the 2000 census of the United States has made 18,587 residents 0.79 square meters. Miles - an average of 23,473 square meters per square meter. Moun, which is one of the highest gravity in Los Angeles. In 2008, the city calculated that the population had grown to 20,194 people. The average age of the city's inhabitants was 30 years, which corresponds to the city's norms. The Harvard heights were considered to be diverse with ethnic diversity. The mistake was Hispanic, 66.3%; Asians - 13.3%; black - 16%, white - 3.3%; and others - 1.2%. Mexico (32.9%) and El Salvador (24.8%) were the most common births for 57.8% of people born abroad, which is considered to be the city in general.

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