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Queen Mattress in Griffith Park

1942 On July 14, the camp became a center for treatment of war prisoners for German, Italian and Japanese prisoners of war and worked until 1943. On August 3, when the prisoners moved to another place. The camp has been transformed into the Western Army Corps and the Cameroon Experimental Laboratory Photography Center before the end of the war. 3,780 people have been rewarded with firefight by the charity program - mine mine, which broke out in the mine mine in 1933. October 3. Many employees volunteered or ordered to fight the fire. In total, 29 people were killed and 150 wounded. Official firefighters have arrived and shot 47 hectares (19 hectares). 1961 On May 12, a forest fire broke out in the southern part of the park with 814 acres (329 hectares). He also destroyed 8 houses and damaged nine more, mostly in the Beachwood gorge.

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