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Queen Mattress in Glendale

The population of the city from 1920 to 13,756 reached 62,736 in 1930. In 1906 the cemetery of the forest highland was opened and renamed the forest mountain memorial in 1917. Pioneer Endocrinologist and Entrepreneur Henry R. Crouch opened his hospitals in Glendale, in 1920, for many years in the city's largest business. The American Green Cross, which was an early preserved and preserved society, was formed in 1926 (it fell three years later, and the current organization is not linked to that name). Until the 1960s Glendale was the sunset of the city. Neither white had to leave the city for some time or threaten the arrest and possible violence. In the 1930s, Glendale and Barbour did not allow the civilian cemetery to deploy American-American American-Americans, referring to urban ceremonies admitted in two cities. 1964 George Lincoln has chosen Glendale as the headquarters of the American Nazi party in the West Bank. His office in Colorado's central part was open until the 1980s.

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