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Queen Mattress in El Monte

Founded in 1858 in Adobe Monte Station, on Butterfield Land Mail, 2nd line. 1861 El Monte has become a significant solution, and during the American Civil War it was considered a Confederation castle that favored California's separation from California to support the Confederative States of America. A.J. The King of Los Angeles and Andersford (formerly former Monte Reynner or former member of Monte Boer), together with other influential people of El Monte, formed a separatist militia, a horse shooting at 1861. On March 23, Nevertheless, the attempt failed to succeed when the fight for Fort Sumter was over. The King walked along the streets of the Confederation General PG. Bohin's portrait and was arrested by the US Marshal. Staff at the San Pedro port arrested the head of the state apparatus John G. Allied forces in 1862 On March 18, a new Carlton camp was built near the city, suppressing any rebellion, three years later, at the end of the war.

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