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Queen Mattress in Echo Park

Echo Park was considered unchanged. The breakdown was Spanish, 64%; Asian - 18.8%; white - 12.9%; Blacks - 2% and others - 2.3%. Mexico (41.3%) and Salvador (15.2%) were the most common births for 53% of the population born abroad, and this figure is generally the city. In 2008, the average US dollar earnings amounted to $ 37,708, which is lower for Los Angeles, and a large percentage of households are $ 20,000 or less. The average size of the three households was approximately the same as in the other town. The tenants occupy 76% of the residential properties, and the owners or the owners of the apartments - the rest. The percentage of men and women was 46.8% and 38.3% respectively, the highest in the district. 2000 As a result of the census, 5,325 single-parent families have been identified, which is a high indicator for both the city and the region. In 2000 there were 1034 soldiers or 3.5%, which is lower for Los Angeles.

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