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Queen Mattress in Eagle Rock

According to the Los Angeles Times Mapping LA, the 2000 US census had 32,493 residents at a 4.25-square-meter rock band. Miles or 7,644 square miles, which is the average population density for the city and district. In 2008, the city calculated that the population had grown to 34,466 people. 2000 The average age of the population was 35, which is average in cities and regions. Neighborhood was considered "very diverse" ethically in Los Angeles with a relatively high percentage of the Asian population. The mistake was Hispanic, 40.3%; white - 29.8%; Asians - 23.9%; black - 1.8%; etc: The most common births were Philippines (35.1%) and Mexico (25.1%), with 38.5% of births abroad, and Los Angeles.

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