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Queen Mattress in Chinatown

New China and Little Italy were the smaller ones in Japan. In the early 20th century, Italian immigrants settled in the north of the Old Square. Many businesses have been built, including wineries (San Antonio Winchardany still exists). The Los Angeles Italian American Museum, located at the historic monument of El Pueblo de Los Angeles, opened in 2016. In the 1930s, thanks to the efforts of the Syno America community leader, Peter Sue Ho, Cramma's design and operational concepts were developed through a collective community process that led to the combination of Chinese and American architecture. Chinatown in Los Angeles began to develop, especially as a tourist attraction for the development of the Central Plaza in the 1930s, the Shanghai Bamboo Lee, Jin Ling Wai and Chong King Road (named after China's Chongqing). Chinatown was designed by Hollywood film designers, and filmmaker Cecile B. Defile presented the Chinese movie "Chinatown" to provide an exotic atmosphere.

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