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Queen Mattress in Canoga Park

The absence of independent water supply is inevitable on the part of Los Angeles City, On February 26 he joined his big neighbor. Name changed to 1931 At Canoga Park. Finally, regionalization was rural / agricultural, and its industry included small farmers producing fruits, vegetables, melons, cattle, horse, film studio and television studios. Kanoha Park runway occupies the area that is now known as the Warren Center (as shown in 1955 Thomas Thomas Guide street map). The last story in 1955, North American Aviation Division, Rocketdyne, moved to the area. He has become a major employer at Atomics International and the Santa Susana Field Laboratory (SSFL). Other Airline companies including Atomics International, Thompson Ramo Wooldridge-TRW, Hughes Aircraft, Rockwell International, Boeing and Teledyne. Small car dealerships and other subsidiaries also appeared in the air ticket industry. Currently the airport is operated by Aerojet Rocketdyne and is the only aviation industry. The property of the Santa Susanna Field Laboratory has been closed and will be subject to a wide range of environmental clean-up and will become an open space shack.

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